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Halloween 2005
2004 My How You Have Grown!
Jeremiah's 1st Birthday
My First Halloween!
7 1/2 Months Old
My First Easter
I am 3 months old!
At the Hospital
Jeremiah's First Visitors
Back At Home
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Back At Home

They say things will never be the same...

On this page, we'll describe how we're adjusting to life with our new family member. We'll talk about how the Jeremiah seems to like his toys and his new surroundings, and how Mommy is responding to sleep deprivation.  Also will be pictures of Jeremiah's admirer's that came to visit him in his first days at home!

Bailey planting a homecoming kiss on Jeremiah!

Great Aunt Deb couldn't wait to hold baby Jeremiah!

Cousin Samantha welcomes Jeremiah home!

Bailey can't stop kissing Jeremiah!