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At the Hospital

The big moment arrives...

Jeremiah's arrival came just a little earlier than we had expected, 4 days early.  I had taken Jessica for her routine weekly doctors apppointment and was just waiting for her to come out so we could go to lunch.  What a shock it was when she came out and announced, we have to go straight to the hospital, they are going to induce!!  It seems that her blood pressure had gone up quite high and there were other signs of preeclampsia.  Well, of course, we were not prepared for this news!!  There had been no indicators of any problems up until then, so I have to admit, I was quite scared for both my own baby and my grandson!!  Needless to say, we missed lunch and drove directly to the hospital for admission.
We got Jessica up to her room, they got her all hooked up to the monitors and I made the necessary calls to the family, letting them know what little we knew.  Jessica, with all these nurses coming in and out, poking and prodding, had to try and remember everything she was going to need, as she had the baby's bag packed at home, she hadn't yet put her own together.  Soon, they had her all hooked up to the IVs to start inducing her labor and the doctor came in, explaining exactly what was happening medically and what medicines he may have to give to Jessica, if her blood pressure didn't come back down.  Trying to remain calm for Jessica's sake was so very difficult, when inside, I was shaking all over, as any parent can appreciate!  Within an hour after the doctor has been in and talked to us, he got her lab results back and ordered the medicine that he had hoped he wouldn't have to use.  Its side effects were making you feel hot all over and would upset the stomach but she was going to need it to keep her from experiencing convulsions due to the high blood pressure.
All evening, her contractions would start to get going well but her bp would go up and they would have Jess lay on her side, which all but stopped the contractions but it did bring her bp down some.  By about 10 pm, Jessica was having a good long stretch of contractions, coming almost 1 1/2 minutes apart and lasting well over a minute each.  Much of the pain that she was having was up in her ribcage and making it difficult to breathe.  My mother's instinct was kicking into high gear, so I went to the nurses station, as it was time for shift change and no one had been in to check on her in a while.  A nurse came down and asked Jessica if she wanted her to check her dialation to see how she was coming along but Jess declined, as she didn't want to be disappointed if she wasn't as far along as she was hoping.
By about midnight, Jessica's contractions were causing her to have such a hard time breathing that she asked for some pain medicine.  This allowed her to relax and rest some through the contractions.  At 2 am, Jenny and I decided that she was resting well, we would go down to the cafeteria and get some coffee.  We hadn't been gone but 15 minutes or so, when we returned to find the door shut, although we didn't even notice it or the note on the door saying Do Not Enter, we barged right in.  We were met with nurses all around Jessica's bed and were told they were putting in a catheter, for us to go back out in the hall and they would be out in a few minutes to update us!! Apparently, in that little time we were gone, Jessica's blood pressure had gone back up, her kidneys were being affected and with each contraction, the baby's heart rate was plummeting. She was also put on oxygen.
Dr. Swan arrived within a few minutes and took one look at the monitor and said he was pulling in a operating room crew and that they needed to take the baby C-section, ASAP!  He ordered the medicines that she was getting to induce her labor be stopped and explained that they were going to have to give her another medicine to stop the contractions, so they could preform the c-section.  They very quickly did this and took her straight up to the operating room.  Jenny was allowed to go with her thankfully and within less than a half an hour, they brought Jeremiah down to the nursery at about 4:30am.  
I cannot begin to express the extreme joy in my heart, I had seeing this little guy but I was also not going to be satisfied until I saw my own baby and knew she was ok!!  Jessica was not brought back to her room until almost 6:30 am and she remembers very little of that.  What a night that was for Jessica, all worth it to get this beautiful and healthy baby here in the world, but as any mother knows, they would have gone through it for their own babies, if they could but we can't.  We can only try to realize just how blessed we really are and send up a prayer of thanks!  I am just so very thankful for all the blessings in my life and proud of my children and grandchildren!!!           

Birth Details

I'll fill in this area with information about the birth.

Delivered by: Dr. Shawn Swan
Others Present: Aunt Jenny Lynn
First Visitors: Grammy and Papaw of course! Aunt Jenny and cousin Bailey, Great Grandpa Wayne, cousin Amy, Aunt Deb, Uncle Michael and Allycin.     

First few minutes in the nursery







We are so thankful that everything turned out as well as it did!!