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Halloween 2005
2004 My How You Have Grown!
Jeremiah's 1st Birthday
My First Halloween!
7 1/2 Months Old
My First Easter
I am 3 months old!
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Jeremiah's First Visitors
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My First Halloween!

Trick or Treat...
Gimme something good to eat!!

Got a fire? Call Fireman Jeremiah!

I am one hot item!!!

Voted Most Handsome Fireman Halloween 2003!!

My Mommy says I can't play with fire!!

Follow those sirens & flashing red lights!

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Wow, what a great holiday!!  Look cute and get treats!! I haven't seen too many of these holidays yet, as I am only 10 months old but I sure hope that thing they keep talking about... ummm Christmas, I think is what they said, is as fun as Halloween.