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My First Steps!!!
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Bailey's Playpen

Today was a special day!!




Grammy maybe prejudice, but this is the most adorable child in the world!!!

December 5- Although Bailey has been taking a step here and there, today she took 3 steps, twice!! She normally gets so excited that she plops after one. Well Mommy and Daddy, WATCH out now, as she will be into even more than you could imagine!! I was so happy that I was able to be present when she accomplished this big goal! Christmas is only a few weeks away and we are going to have such fun!!


Isn't funny what children like to play with!! Bailey just loves Grammy turkey baster bulb!


Watch out Mommy and Daddy, this little girl is going to be a model!! I have never seen a child, love the camera like she does!!

Grammy got to babysit all day today, while Santa's little helpers went Christmas shopping. Darn it, I just hate it when I have to watch that little bugger!!! HEHEHE