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Bailey's Playpen
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Welcome to the world BAILEY LYNN !!!!

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Our new granddaughter, Bailey Lynn is finally here! We're going to use this site to share the experience with everyone. For updates, just check back in to this site. Don't worry, there will be lots of pictures! Feel free to look through the sites pages, listed at the top of this page, The Baby Shower, At the Hospital,etc. Don't forget to sign our guest book at the bottom of this page!

NOTE: If you have any problems with these pages loading too slowly, due to all the pics, I suggest clicking on STOP in your tool bar and then click the Refresh button. If you continue to have difficulties, please contact me. Thanks for your patience.

On this home page, we'll put some of my favorite pictures and give some general information about how the new family is doing. If we're brave, we might try to describe the unbelievable feeling we had first holding our newest member of the family. We are looking forward to sharing all of these with all of you, who mean so much to us!

UPDATE: March 19th
Bailey is growing like a weed!! She is almost 4 weeks old and is really changing fast. I would say she is almost 9 lbs now.

She has Mommy and Daddy up many nights, as she seems to have her Uncle Michaels late night syndrome. Awww, how I do remember how tired I was with a child who didn't like to sleep! Mommy has taken what I am classifying as college days. Just like when she was in college, she wants to come back home to take a nap!! Which is extra fine with me, as I get to babysit!!

April 12th, UPDATE
Bailey is growing so very fast. She is now 7 wks old and she is 23" long and weighs almost 11 pds. She is smiling and cooing more all the time. She is starting to really take notice of the things around her, especially on the ceiling, like ceiling fans. She loves her swing, which gives Mommy a chance to catch up on her housework. She is sure beautiful!!!

MAY 30th,2001
Well, Grammy has been busy getting Aunt Jessica all
graduated, so I haven't updated the site for a while.
Bailey is now 3 months old and weighs about 16 pds.
She almost always has a big smile waiting for you.
She can almost turn herself over now and enjoys her
thumb and fingers! The leaves and branches on the trees
outside just completely fasinate her. Her connection
with the trees doesn't surprise me, as she gets this from
her Pappaw Tommy. You can go see the two of them in action
by clicking on the page, Me and Pappaw Tommy.

UPDATE July 5th See the new page

Vital Statistics

We'll fill in this area with information about Bailey Lynn:
Date of Birth: February 21, 2001
Time of Birth: 12:51 pm
Place: Logansport, IN
Weight and Length: 7 1/2pds and 20 1/2"


Our little Bailey Bug is 3 1/2 weeks old!!

Jack in the Box

baileyweigh.jpg   240 pixels

tombails.jpg  240 pixels

Grandpa Tom and Bailey. TRUE LOVE!!

gramlove.jpg  240 pixels

Bailey has got Grammy's heart!!!


Miss Bailey is 5 weeks old already!!


Wow, Bailey is 7 wks old and smiling up a storm!!


WOW!!! Can you believe Bailey is 7 months old and is absolutely gorgeous! Grammy isn't prejudiced though.

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