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At the Hospital
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Bailey's Playpen

The big moment arrives...

On this page we'll describe the birth of our grandbaby Bailey and mention some of the people who helped make it happen. For example, we may talk about how many hours Jenny and Cory were in labor (as we are sure Cory will be in almost as much pain), and how Bailey reacted to her first few moments in the world.

February 22, 2001 Thursday
Ok, now that Grammy has her wits about her again, I will try to fill you in on the labor and delivery. Jen had a really hard and painful labor. On Tuesday afternoon, Jen called me around 4:45pm and told me she had been having really bad back pains and shooting pains in her belly, since 11 am. She said she was going to lay down for a bit and I told her to call me back. She called back around 6:30 and said that the pains were coming more regularly and that she was going to call the doctor. I called her back, at 6:45, when I hadn't heard back from her. She said that the doctors son had asked her to call back and I told her to call him now, as her pains were coming more frequently.
She did and he told her to go to the hospital when they the pains were 5 minutes apart for an hour.We arrived at the hospital by 8:30pm.

Well things sure have changed since I had my babies. Jen's "labor" room was like a hotel room. With a nice huge whirlpool tub in her bathroom, that Jen made good use of in the middle of the night. By 7am, the doctor came to check on Jen, and her progression was very slow. He broke her water and told us that if this didn't help speed things along, that he had ordered a IV drip for her to start around 9am and this is what happened. Her pains were almost constant but she was not dialating. She did accept a pain shot but when it wore off, around 10:30, she was exhausted and in terrible pain. She decided that she really needed to have an epidural. This was performed around 11am. This eased her back pains horrendously, and made her much more comfortable.

Finally by 12:30pm, Cory finally decided to go get a little lunch in the cafeteria with his Mom. I decided to step out for a little bit also. Jessica stayed with her big sister, as she had all night and all day. Just after we had stepped out, Jen told Jess that she felt the urge to push. Jess asked her if she should get the nurse. Jen said no, not yet. Within 10 minutes, she told her to get the nurse, now.

I will say this for my stubborn little granddaughter, she kept us all on pins and needles for a long time, while she decided when she wanted to be born, but when she makes up her mind, watch out world!! Tom and I were just heading back in to check on Jen, when the nurse met us at the door, asking where is the Daddy. I said down in the cafeteria, and she said, well get him....NOW. We no sooner got back up to the room and they were telling Jen to push. With just two pushes, the nurse said that Bailey had a full head of dark hair and waved me over to see. Then very anxiously, the nurse told Jen to stop pushing, the doctor wasn't there and she really didn't want to deliver this baby.

Nature was taking it's own course and the doctor walked in just about in time to catch Bailey. He was there only long enough to say, ok Jen, push and here she was. As I had decided early on, not to watch the actual birth, I was standing behind Cory, when some little voice told me that if I wanted to see my first grandchild born, it was now or never. The next thing I knew, something pushed me from behind, at just the right moment, I was next to the doctor seeing my precious Bailey entering this world. So for all you people who know me so well, the Mom that couldn't even be in the room for her kids shots, YES I WATCHED THE WHOLE PROCESS and watched Cory cut the cord!!!!!


Daddy changing a diaper.

Here is Bailey when she was just less than an hour old!

Birth Details

I'll fill in this area with information about the birth and who was present.

Delivered by: Dr. Penman
Nurses: Yes there were some there, but I wasn't paying much attention to them!!
Others Present: Of course Jen and Cory, Tom and I
First Visitors: Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Jessica, Cory's parents Norm and Sandy, and Baileys great grandparents, Wayne and Mary Jane.


We all learn with age, that just when you think that life can get no better.... you get a big surprise. Well, I have had my share in just a few hours of time. I thought watching the birth of my granddaughter was the very best thing I could possibly feel.

Then, within minutes, when Bailey was placed in the warming bed, I went over and she grabbed my finger and ohhhh, what a wonderful feeling!! I told Jen that she had Aunt Jessica's grip.

Then, after they got the new family all settled in their room, and we walked in and Jen asked if Grandma wanted to hold her new granddaughter, well, life cannot possibly get better than this, right?? I better get ready for more amazements. This at least at this moment, is the best time of my life and we have been highly blessed!!!

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Mommy is feeling much better today!

Here we might include a link to the hospital's web site.