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Tips from our experiences.

Tip 1: Slugs

We learned alot this year and dealt with some problems we had never encountered before, like having to find an organic way to deal with the huge amount of slugs that took up residence in all the straw we used to keep the weeds down and chomped down on our tomatoes & peppers. Their favorites were the jalepeno peppers!! So the hot pepper spray we used for other bug attacks, didn't work on them. Tom tried partying with them, giving them little beer swimming pools, which definitely got some of them, but then he started having 1 a.m. slug hunts, removing them by hand. Finally, we found an organic slug bait that worked on the vast numbers, but only after they had destroyed some of our best and biggest tomatoes!

Tip 2: Crickets

Winter project: find an organic control ! Got any idea's? Please send them to me and I will post them.

List of Tips

In this area I'll list the tips to make this page easier to scan.

Tip 1: Slugs
Tip 2: Crickets

Have a tip or two you'd like to share? Send it to me and I'll post it here:

Tip of the Day

Climbing vines can be a beautiful addition to your garden. But beware -- certain kinds of vines can become a nuisance if too vigorous for your climate. Check with your local nursery before you plant them.

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